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What does your session fee include?
The session fee covers a number of things. The time and talent of the photographer to artfully create your portraits, the use of our spacious studio, access to 100’s of props, blankets, clothing, etc, The time it takes to photograph you family usually 1-2 hrs and the time we spend getting to know you before the session.

Do you sell digital files or prints?
We are a digital file based studio, which means my clients prefer the digital file option to print their own photographs instead of purchasing prints from our studio. This means that we take extra time to prepare all your images with the highest quality editing and color correction to ensure you will get a perfect print from your lab of choice. We will select the best images from your session and retouch them for superb quality and deliver them to you via digital download within 3 weeks of your session date. As you can see alot of time and energy goes into preparing your images.

What is the best way to get a hold of you??
Emailing me is the best way, texting being second best.. but you can Call me, email me or text me whatever you’d like! Telephone number is 296.7943, email is If I do not answer when you call please leave me a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can. My office hours are Monday-Friday 9-3:00.

Where can I have my session?
I am up for just about anything! I Love Birmingham Botanical Gardens it seems to be a favorite with my clients. I have also been to many local parks and Morris Avenue, which have all offered fantastic backdrops! Make a suggestion and I am sure we can make it happen! If you are interested in studio shots I have a large studio that can accommodate a large family. I have a lot of fun props and backdrops so we can get a lot of variety.

What should we wear?
This is something where you really need to think about what you are looking for out of your session. Do you want photos for your living room, entertainment room, etc? What colors go in those rooms? I love fun bright outfits with BIG color!! But I also love long flowing timeless dresses and sweet long johns. I do always suggest staying away from pinstripes or shirts with things written on them.

Do you supply the hats etc?
Yes I can, or you can bring your own. I have many knitted hats, headbands, bloomers etc to choose from. (My Stash is CONSTANTLY Growing!) 99% of the items you see on my site I own, newsboy caps, baby legs, lace rompers, lace pants, bow ties, traditional ties in a variety of colors, cupcake shirts etc.

What happens if my child is sick?
Let’s reschedule!  Please don’t think bringing a sick child will result in happy smiling faces in your portraits. I want you to be extremely happy with your portraits and I want to capture your family at their best!! Please just give us as much notice as possible, we prefer at least 24 hrs notice, but at lest 3  hrs before the session is requested.

What if it rains?
As long as rain is not falling from the sky we will shoot. But if its raining we can certainly reschedule your outdoor session.

What if my child is doesn’t cooperate?
My time is valuable, as is yours. But I am a parent and I understand when things are going South fast. Yelling, threatening and spanking are certainly things that have gone on in the Rowlen Household before (I’m not going to lie) But there really isn’t a place for it in the studio. When you spank and tears start flowing then we are left with puffy red eyes, slobber everywhere and scared smiles. If you know your child does not bounce back fast after threats and spanks PLEASE refrain from doing so in the studio. If your child is having one of those days and we see this from the beginning and we can’t get shots then we can discuss rescheduling. If we are 30 minutes into your session when your child becomes ill we can discuss a possible partial cost reshoot if we agree on the terms at the session.

How long do your sessions last?
The average session is 1 hour, unless you book a mini and it will be 15-20 minutes. This is with time added for clothes changes, location/backdrop changes, potty breaks as well as snack breaks.  With newborns you should expect 2 hours. A lot of that is allotted for feedings and waiting for the baby to fall asleep. Following the directions on the Newborn information sheet sent to you, and bringing a bottle with formula or expressed milk will speed up the feeding time. BE SURE TO ARRIVE ON TIME your allotted session time starts with or without you being here.. So factor in traffic and please make sure to arrive on time.

Can I bring my camera too?
No, It gets way too confusing when more than one camera is involved. So please leave your camera at home, that’s video cameras too!

How many people can I bring?
Your session fee covers immediate family members only with additional members are extra. Ask me for a quote for your large extended family sessions. Also where it sounds like a good idea to bring grandma, grandpa and three cousins to jump around and entertain your child it usually results in roaming eyes.. Kids looking everywhere trying to figure out who to smile at. I like to capture as many direct eye contact shots as possible.

What is your turnaround time?
Your digital collection will be delivered to your home or you can pick it up from the studio within 3 weeks of  your session date.

Do you accept credit cards?
For Sure!!!  PayPal accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. I also can accept credit cards over the phone or in person with my Square App. Checks, money orders and cash are welcome too!

Do you do any further edits to photos?
I am an artist and these are my creations. All images shown are the final edit, noting that crops will be different depending on image size, and that any further edits will be done at a charge of $45/hour.

Do you offer Refunds?
Due to the custom nature of photography, refunds aren’t allowable on printed items , session fees or digital files from your sessions. Firmly and Clearly put, there are no refunds. I will do my best to capture amazing images for you but remember sometimes our little ones have minds of their own and dictate what images we will get regardless of what I try (or you try) at the session to make them happy.

Case in point my most recent session with my son. (Can’t wait to showcase these all at his wedding lol)