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    My 365 is a daily look into my life with my children and family. This is my way of connecting with my clients and friends and to give you a glimpse into my day to day life through the lens. Some of my images will be from my iphone and some from my big camera. These images are not meant to be polished works of art like on my blog, rather a fun memory that I want to share and remember as my family grows. I challenge you to start your very own 365. It truly is amazing what all can happen in a year!

I’m traumatized I’m not even kidding.. really I am.. and you may be too after viewing a few of these pictures.. SO.. let me warn you IN ADVANCE.. My son face planted in a BAD BAD way.. 10 stitches and massive trauma to his face.. So DO NOT scroll if you are squeamish..

I’ve talked about Wilson a bunch on here. He’s my daredevil.. he just does first and thinks about stuff AFTER the fact. That’s what makes him so exciting and entertaining but also what scares me! He’s 10 now and loves riding his bike. I had a session to shoot and suggest to my kids to see if they could get their dad to take them to the Oak Mount BMX Track. (YES it was my idea..sighhh) They were there riding the track on their normal bikes WITH HELMETS on and Wilson’s bars just collapsed down as he was going down a little hill.. So he supermaned over the bars and face planted..:(Well my husband who is all oh it will be fine, it’s not a big deal he doesn’t need stitches.. Just called my mom and said I’m taking him to Children’s Hospital he’s for sure going to need stitches.. So we all knew then without seeing a picture that it was BAD! All during this I’m just shooting a One year old session having no clue what’s going on while my kid is gushing blood everywhere (husband said there was massive amounts of blood coming out) My other boys said it was all over the place. God spared me from being there to see that.. When I got done I rushed to the hospital with my mom and this is what I saw:


Wilson was wearing his helmet as were all my boys but he still ended up getting four stitches by his hairline. The helmet inner lining was smashed in and knocked him pretty good but we are pretty sure it saved him from a lot of other issues as he did have blurry vision for a little bit but we are pretty sure he didn’t experience a concussion. Maybe a mild one but Nothing like it would have been without a helmet. He got 6 stitches by his eye.

I knew I was going to wake up to a sad looking Wilson.. AND.. I did..


His eye was swollen shut and he was all upset as was his mama.. I have a client who is a dermatologist and I asked her what the best thing to do was.. Well she said something I did NOT know which is really the whole purpose of my post.. so others will know now as well. She told us to do Vinegar/water soaks (1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water) on a saturated cotton ball twice daily followed by polysporin. Making sure the wound is CONSTANTLY MOIST WITH POLYSPORIN OR VASELINE throughout the day stating that moist wounds heal more quickly. (WHAT??? this is the opposite of what I thought) She also said to cover the area with a large bandage if he was going to be outside or even just in the car to prevent darkening by sunlight for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks she recommended a biocorneum scar gel. So we introduced him to the headband, banned him from going out when the sun was out and cleaned him at least twice daily. The first day was rough cause we also rotated out with ice to help with the swelling so the poor kid could see.


I made my sister come over since she’s a nurse and wouldn’t barf on my kid.. I was all grossed out by the liquid scabby slime drooling down his face. Sadly I have ZERO Poker face (pucker face as Wilson calls it) I apparently was looking at him like I wanted to barf as well. that day was DEF the worst.. She bandaged him all up so he could sleep without sticking to the sheets. It looked bad.. but they had a little fun doing it lol.

IMG_6979IMG_7096IMG_7060IMG_7107IMG_7150It was Improving SO much daily.. I can’t believe the difference in JUST A WEEK

IMG_7151There is clearly still some bruising but for the most part the only scabbing left is where the stitches were! I’m hopeful.. We have come a long way in just a week.

I wanted to share his pictures and what we did to treat because I was clueless I didn’t know what was the best thing to do and luckily this has been working well.

After another week the next step is the scar gel.. Will update later.


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  • Jodi - I know this is an old post but did your son have any scars from the fall? My beautiful daughter had a scooter accident and has similar spots on her face.ReplyCancel